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Children's Coveralls

Our soft and comfortable protective children's coveralls are tough, tear resistant and versatile.  The Superior range are water repellent and resistant to most non hazardous chemicals, so they will not penetrate through onto their clothes beneath.

For school children up to 14/15 years of age. Ideal for all types of school and party activities where protective children's coverall clothing is required.

Our Standard and Superior disposable Coveralls are now available for children as young as 4 years old.

Very popular for children's spaceman themed birthday parties!

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Children's Standard Coveralls

Children's Standard Coveralls 5

Standard disposable coverall offering general low cost protection, ideal for schools...

 £2.06FROM 1.38 (excl VAT)
Children's Superior Liquid Barrier Resistant Coverall

Children's Superior Liquid Barrier Resistant Coverall

ShieldOut Breathable, non hazardous liquid resistant, disposable coverall...

 £4.05FROM 2.70