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Technical Information

Technical Information

Non Woven Lab Coats and Coveralls

Nonwoven, as the name indicates, is a fabric that is not a traditional weave like cotton which is used for example in T-shirt.  It is constructed from plastic like polymer such as, Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester, etc normally in a single or multi filament which is laid down on a platform know as a web former and gently melted together.

Tacky Mats

Tacky mats can be used in any areas where contamination such as dust and dirt needs to be removed from footwear. This includes medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, nuclear and general building, construction and work areas.  In some cases tacky mats are used to ensure that particulate is not treaded into a work area such as a Lab.  In other instances they can be employed preventing dirt from being tramped from a work area such as a construction site into more general office areas.

Disposable Face Masks

Many products and processes need to be protected from the operator working in proximity.  Droplets and moisture particles exhaled from the nose and mouth must be kept isolated.  Particulate from makeup and other facial products also need to be excluded.

Shoe covers protect shoes and floors

The primary purpose of shoe covers is to protect floors and other walkable areas from dirt and damage and other detritus.

Cleanroom, laboratory garments, wearing/donning

The primary purpose of building a cleanroom or laboratory is to create an environment superior to "street level" in terms of particles, sterility and other forms of contamination.  This often represents a significant investment in buildings and manpower.

Single use garments

Single use garments are becoming very popular due to their low cost and convenience.

What To Look For When Selecting Labcoats & Coveralls

The day of the scruffy lab coat or coverall is over.  Modern materials and modern manufacturing techniques ensure that no matter what Industry or application, clean smart garments are inexpensively available.

Which isolation gown is best for me?

Provides user information on the various types of isolation gown available to enable them to make an informed choice.

Lower the cost of infection control garments

Lowering the cost of clinical garments in infection control areas